Seamless Solutions

Real-life scenarios are merged with experiential training based on the WALT framework model. This method has proven to be highly effective as the combination of the two ignites countermeasures against the challenges faced by people in their functioning. Experiential practice of WALT skills leaves people enthralled and captivated thereby leaving a permanent impact on their minds.


The steel industry battling low steel prices, increasing competition besides other challenges brought in other issues like low financial growth resulting in lowered employee morale and thus the need to get cracking was the reason for them to engage with us. Read More


The objective here was to increase production capacity, bring down higher production costs, work safety were some of the key challenges at the NMDC’s project at Bacheli, Dantewada. They wanted that their workers to realise their Read More


1200 schools, over 45000 employees and 1.3 million children and growing KVS, is one of the largest and amongst the most high profile centrally managed educational institutions in the world with famous and high profile alumnus. Read More


With over 600 schools, 22,000 employees and over 300,000 students, NVS is also one of the biggest and unique schooling systems in the world which has produced some of the most famous alumni.  Employee stress, safety at schools, Read More

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