FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2017 will be held from 1st to 3rd October 2017 at Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference will provide a platform to evaluate and discuss our understanding of what constitutes resilient infrastructure. In the wake of increasing natural disasters, infrastructure programmes are being implemented in some countries, but without properly understanding resilience. Predicting the effects of climate change is becoming more challenging. To ensure that our design and construction standards are robust enough, the ability to adapt is critical – from planning, design, and implementation, up to the maintenance phase.

The themes of the Conference are:

Day 1: Resilient Infrastructure

  • Plenary 1 : Resilient Infrastructure – What Constitutes Resilience?
  • Plenary 2 : Infrastructure Needs, Benefits and Investment
  • Plenary 3 : Modelling and Digital Technology in Planning for Resilience
  • Plenary 4 : Strategies, Planning, Sustainability and Resilience

Day 2 : What Do We Need to Change

  • Plenary 5 : Disaster Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Plenary 6 : Resilience and Disaster Risk Mitigation in Projects
  • Plenary 7 : Designing Resilient Infrastructure
  • Plenary 8 : Effective Consulting Services to Support Resilient

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