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for Legislation of Engineers Bill

The engineering fraternity is going through challenging times. On the one hand the country is in the development mode with projects of all sizes in all sectors either having taken off or on the anvil. When that is the case and the fact that engineers are a MUST for any project it is well nigh imperative that their status, title and profession be suitably protected.

“Matters Relating to Engineering Fraternity” comprises of two sections. The First contains matter on the “Legislation for Engineers” and the Second on Council of Architecture Matters.

  1. “Legislation for Engineers” deals with “Need for Legislation”, then briefly traces the “Draft Engineers Bill – Development So Far”. The “Petition – Legislation for Engineers” is given next. It wraps up with the sub-section “Support the Petition”. The legislation is also necessary to protect the engineers from being summarily held accountable for alleged professional misconduct.
  2. The actions initiated by the Council of Architecture (COA) are restrictive in nature and infringe and violate the fundamental rights guaranteed to all citizens of India by the Constitution vide Article 19. A ‘Note for Engineers Rev July 2014’ gives the gist of the issues. The court cases relating to the matters concerning COA, Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) or an architect are listed and up loaded in a separate sub-section.

To take up the issues with full force for the rights of the engineering fraternity SOLIDARITY is essential and so are FUNDS.

Please send in your contribution to CEAI, which is managing the funds on behalf of the Engineering Fraternity to assist any engineer who is wrongly charged with professional misconduct and also to set right the incorrect actions of COA.

The contribution by you and the expenses incurred by CEAI for these are exempt from IT.

Cheque/Bank Draft drawn in favour of “Consulting Engineers Association of India” and payable at New Delhi or sent via Bank transfer as per details given below:

Account Number 50100033126466
Name of Bank HDFC Bank
Branch Address 50 Musoodpur, Main Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070
Branch Code 0679
MICR Code 110240097
SWIFT Code HDFCH0000679
IFSC Code HDFC0000679

 Persons to Contact for assistance:

The names of the association and individuals, working in capitals of States and Union Territories, who are have expressed their willingness to be on the panel of the Engineering Associations who are willing and ready to locally take up issues relating to the engineering fraternity are given below.

Presidents/ Chairmen of associations or individuals in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands who are volunteering to join the panel for fronting the issues affecting the engineering fraternity may please get in touch so that their names and contact could be added in the list.

State/ Region Name of Association/ Person Contact details
National Capital Territory Consulting Engineers Association of India, New Delhi,

Sudhir Dhawan, President, and,
Indian Association of Structural Engineers, New Delhi

Mr. Mahesh Tandon, President
Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) [ACCE(I)]Mr. P Suryaprakash, President
Gujarat Mr. Rahul Vakil

VMS Engineering & Design Services, Ahmedabad
Madhya Pradesh Association of Civil Engineers of Madhya Pradesh, (Bhopal Unit)

Mr. Vikram Saxena

Pyramid Consultants, Bhopal, and
Mr. Ashok Manhar,Ashok Manhar and Associates, Bhopal
Maharashtra, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu India Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ICACI )

Mr. Chetan R Raikar, President,

CEAI Western Region Centre

Dr. Harshvardhan Subbarao, Vice-Chairman
Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala & Lakshadweep Mr. Sanna Ratnavel
Uttar Pradesh Association of Professional Graduate Civil Engineers (APGCE)

Mr. Sanjay Singh, Hon. Secretary
West Bengal CEAI Eastern & North Eastern Region Centre

Mr. Amitabah Ghoshal, Chairman, and
Association of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Consultants (AMEC);

Mr. Amal Biswas, Chairman

In addition to this the member associations of the Engineering Council of India are requested to sensitise their members the need for the enactment of the Engineer’s Bill and support this petition. The list of member associations are reproduced below from the ECI website:

1.  Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India)

2.  Broadcast Engineering Society (India)

3.  Computer Society of India

4.  Consultancy Development Centre

5.  Construction Industry Development Council

6.  Consulting Engineers Association of India
7.  Indian Association of Structural Engineers

8.  Indian Buildings Congress

9.  Indian Concrete Institute

10. Indian Geootechnical Society

    11. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

     12. Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers

     13.  Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering

    14.  Indian Institution of Plant Engineers

   15.  Indian National Group of the IABSE

   16.  Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing

   17. Indian Society for Technical Education

   18. Indian Society for Trenchless Technology

    19. Indian Society of Agriculture Engineers

   20. Institute of Urban Transport (India)

   21. Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India)

   22. International Council of Consultants

  23.  Mining Engineers’ Association of India

  24. The Aeronautical Society of India

 25. The Automobile Society (India)

 26. The Indian Institute of Metals

 27. The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc., India Council

 28. The Institute of Marine Engineers (India)

 29. The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)

 30. The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers

 31. The Institution of Surveyors

 32. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (India)



Support the Petition

for Legislation of Engineers Bill




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