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3-7-278/B, Kakaguda, Trimulgherry P O, Secunderabad 500015, India


At a Glance







1.    Village Inns Limited, Hyderabad

(5-star hotel project at Hyderabad. Apart from construction, work involved co-ordination and liaison with various govt. agencies and consultants. (Dec. 1986 – Nov. 1990).

2.    Nagarjuna Group, Hyderabad

(Aug ’79 – Sep ’83: Various Industrial & Institutional projects – Including Deccan Cements, HMT Ltd, Indian Airlines etc)

3.    ITC Hotels, New Delhi

(Dec 76 to June ’79: Site Engineer for Hotel Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi & later Project Manager, Hotel Banjara, Hyderabad)

4.    M /s. K.N.Srinivisan and Associates, Architects, Madras

(June ’72 – November ’76: Trainee at a Theatre project in Bangalore & later Resident Engineer  for Multi theatre complex – Sree Satyam Sivam Sundaram at Madras)



Brief Professional Background

Embarked on the path of consultancy practice around 1984 after gaining over 12 years worth of experience, having worked with well-known organisations like M/s K.N.Srinivasan & Associates, Architects, Madras; Welcomgroup – ITC Hotels Division; Nagarjuna Group, among others. While providing expertise as a consultant, was also involved in various capacities with organisations like the Senator Group (Village Inns India Ltd); Welcomgroup/Hotel Banjara Ltd; and others. Repertoire of work includes successful projects for 5 Star deluxe hotels, 2/3 star hotels, deluxe theatres, institutional buildings, industrial structures, office spaces, hotel interiors and residential buildings among others. Has a unique experience of having represented all three sides of the spectrum – architects/consultants, clients and also the contractors / builders.

Re-christened and revamped his consultancy as ‘Navale Consulting Group’ in 2001 – 2002. A registered and approved valuer (IT Dept) and is a panel valuer /consultant for State Bank of India, State Bank of Mysore, Andhra Bank and many other financial institutions and foreign agencies, apart from handling valuation assignments for 5-star hotels, theatres, major industries and offices. A professional advisor to the implementation secretariat, BPE and the AP Secretariat, B. Ramagopal is also a Technical Consultant / auditor for ISO accreditation of organisations as part of the evaluating team of BSi. NCG has designed Golden Jubilee Pylon for Hyderabad Zoo, which has now become a new landmark in Zoo & for Hyderabad too.

Regularly attending key seminars, workshops and programmes in architecture, engineering, interiors and valuation etc to keep updated on the new trends & technologies.  Also holds the experience of being the visiting faculty at the School of Planning & Architecture, JNAFAU, Hyderabad (earlier JNTU).


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Design
  • Project Management
  • Valuation
  • Arbitration



Have provided some unique solutions to clients – thereby saving costs and also designing some structures overcoming a few challenging site obstacles etc.

A Golden Jubilee Pylon designed for Hyderabad Zoo has become a ‘Photo Point’ for lakhs of people visiting Hyderabad Zoo


Major Projects Handled

Legend / Key
   A: Architectural Engg ;  I : Interior Design  ; S: Structural Design ; C (or E): Civil Engineering

TC: Technical Consultancy, Audit;  PM/PC/PMC : Project Management / Co-Ordination / Quality Audit; Emp: Employee

(Note: Generally Services are part of the scope unless otherwise specified)
Project For / Client Location Type of Assignment Year Cost  (Rs) (Lakhs) Remarks
Maurya Sheraton Welcomgroup/ ITC New Delhi employee/PE 76-78 1300.00
Hotel Banjara Welcomgroup /ITC Hyderabad emp/ProjMgr 78-79 300.00
Hotel Banjara Hotel Banjara Ltd Hyderabad PM,I,A,C,S 85-86 100.00
Hotel Banjara Welcomgroup /ITC Hyderabad ……… 85-86
5 star Motel/Club Village Inns (I) Ltd Hyderabad emp & PM 86-90 2500.00 abandoned
Hotel Karan Ar.Ron Lane Smith Sec’bad  C,I 87-88 part work
Hotel Parklane Hotel Parklane Sec’bad A,I,C,PM 90-91 20.00
Suprabhat Hotel Suprabhat Hotels (P) Ltd Hyderabad PM, I 91
Mediciti Hospital TCI Medchal   TC 93 part/finishing wk
Welcomgroup Hotel Grand Kakatiya SJA Hyderabad Proj Consultnt 95 over 100 Peshawari Restaurant & Tower Rooms
HolidayInn Krishna SJA Hyderabad ProjConsultnt 95 over 100 Flr3-guest room
SurakshaHealthCentr Dr. Stanely Medchal A, S 97- 45.00 concepts
Utsav Restaurant Biligiri Group Sec’bad I, S 99- 40.00 Feasibility study
Hotel Surya Mr G Reddy, V Hyderabad Gen / Int 2K1 part work
Hospital – Residential care John & Jean Foundation Hyderabad A, S 05_ concepts
Additions & Alterations Hotel Manohar Sec’bad PMC, A, I 06_07
Conceptual drawings for 15 Nos Hotels & Malls Hotel Manohar 15 Locations Arch 06_
3 Star Hotel BBM group Guntur Arch 07_ Concept Stage
Resort Hotel, club Countryside Realtors Hyderabad Arch 08_ Prelim
Transport operator Bldg Novotel Hotel Hyderabad Arch, S 07
Anand Diagnostic Laboratory Bangalore A, E, I 13-14 800.00 Fndn started. work on hold
 #02. Institutional Buildings
Bank State Bank of Mysore Hyderabad   TC, I 85-89
DAV Public School DAV Institutions Hyderabad   A,S 86-87 6.00
Bank State Bank of Mysore Hyd, Sec   I 87-89
Instn of Engineers Institution of Engineers Hyderabad  A, I, S 87-88 12.00 part of work
Hostel Block CAL Public School Hyderabad  A 90-91 25.00
School complex Sherwood Public School Sec’bad A, S, PC, TC 90– 50.00
United India Insurance Company , Hyd Hyderabad  TC, A 90 12.00
Misc Works Hyderabad Public School Hyderabad  A, TC 91
New Admn Block APSEB Hyderabad  I 92 part of work
Admn Building &
Bank Branch State Bank of Mysore Sec’bad  I 94
Shakti SchoolsPLtd Indraprasta Consultants Hyderabad  A 94-95 part/prel/concept work
Admn Office APITCO Hyderabad    I 95-96 30.00
Hyd Stock Exch (HSE) Kaveri Projects Ltd Hyderabad    TC- PM 95 300.00
School Bldg Cardinal Gracious H S Hyderabad   A,S 95-
College Buildings SKBC Trust Sec’bad A,S,PM 96-97 25.00
ACC Ltd Ronald Ross Building Sec’bad Restoration 97 Part work
Main Branch Rajdhani Bank Hyd’bad I,  PM 98-99 10.00
School Bldg Sherwood Public School Secbad A, S, PC, TC 01- 60.00
Institution Gemba Inst of Management Shamirpet A, S, PC, TC 03- on hold
Institution Institution of Engineers Hyderabad A, S, etc 07_ 2500.00 Concepts
Guest house Institution of Engineers Hyderabad I 08-
Restoration of Heritage Bldg & other Renovation / Interiors  

Secunderabad Club




Design A,E,I & PC as WC Mbr 08- 500.00 Incl heritage bldgs
Upgradation of facilities Secunderabad Club Sec’ bad A, I 11_ Concept
Laboratory Buildings Engineering Staff College of India Hyderabad A, S 12- 100.00 Concepts & specs
ABC Centre Blue Cross of Hyderabad Hyderabad A 12 – 13
School Campus Sadhu Vaswani Intnl Hyderabad Landscape 12 Concept
etc, etc
 #03. Office and Commercial Buildings
CTE Bldg- I.A Nagarjuna Group Hyderabad  Emp/PE 79-83
Factory Offices Engine Valves Ltd Medchal/Hyd     I, PC, S 87-88 3.00
Exhibition Stall Avanti Kopp Electricals Many cities  I 88-89
Show Room Venkateshwara Motors Hyderabad  I, PC 88
Admn Offices Engine Valves Ltd Medchal   I,PC 90 8.00
Admn Offices Gowra Group Companies Sec’ bad  I, PC, TC 90-91 20.00
Admn Office M. M. T Pvt Ltd Hyderabad  I 93-94
OTCEI rep office Crystal Capital Trust Hyderabad  I, PC 93 6.00
Admn Office TCI Ltd Sec’bad   I 93 part of work
Admn Office Kishore & Sastry Hyderabad   I, PC 94 12.00
Admn Office (old) Voith India Pvt Ltd Hyderabad   I 95- 10.00 part work
Admn Office Cosmic Engg Enterprise Hyderabad   I 95-96 5.00
Admn Office Telangana Spg & Wvg Hyderabad   I 96- 15.00
Tata Communications Showroom&Office Vijay Punjabi consultants Hyderabad  I -Proj Assoc 96-97 150.00
Commercial Bldg VS Tex Sec’bad A,S,PM 97-98 30.00
Office LB Publishers Sec’bad   I 97-98 5.00
Guest House Pidilite Industries Hyderabad I 99- 40.00 part work
Office Avon Organics Ltd Hyderabad I 99 50.00 major part of wk
Office Surya Infotainment Prod Sec’bad I 99 5.00
Office Seshachalam & Co Sec’bad I 99-00 5.00
Office RVK Power Projects Hyderabad I 2000 5.00
Office Intnl Materials & Comp Ltd Hyderabad I 2000-01
Administration Office (Annex) Voith India Pvt Ltd Hyderabad I 01- 20.00 part work
Administration Office Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A, I 02- part work
Branch Office Time Life India / LBP Hyderabad I 2004 2.00
Corp Office A P State Irrigation Dev Corp (APSIDC) Hyderabad A, S etc 04_06 250.00
Office Regency Power Corpn Hyderabad I 2004
Office Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd Secunderabad I 04_05 5.00
Office KSK Energy Ventures Ltd Hyderabad I 04_05 25.00
various offices, auditoriums Regeant Plasterboards Ltd various I, PMC 06_ continuous
various projects United Trade Links Ltd various FireProtection 07_ continuous
Admin 2, Conf Room, Shop flr offices Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad I 08 70.00
Blood Bank Aarohi Trust Hyderabad Interiors 08-09
Recpn & other areas Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad I 09-
Commercial, Hotel, Mall etc Mr Anil Kumar D Hyderabad Arch, Engg 09- concept stage
Admin 1 & 2 offices Interior Renovation Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad I 09_10 70.00
Gaming Parlour Chillax Sec’bad I 10- 15.00
Staff Cafeteria ITC Ltd Sec’bad I 10- Concept subm
Renovation – Canteen Bldg Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A, I 10_11 70.00
Vocational Training Institute – Master Resource Centre Everonn Skill Development Ltd Hyderabad I 11- 12 500.00 Work on hold
Vocational Training Institute – MSDC Everonn Skill Development Ltd Hyderabad I 11- 12 225.00 Work stopped Mgmt change
Office FIAPO New Delhi I 12 – Concept stage
Office Humane Society Intnl, Ind Hyderabad I 2012 $ 20000
Office Vasant Chemicals SEZ Vizag I 12-13 20.00
Commercial & Res Mr Sarathy Hyderabad A, E, S 14- Concept stage
Start-up Office Yukti IT Services Hyderabad I 16
Office for Field Director Telangana Forest Dept Nirmal A, E, I 16- 300.00 Work to start
public amenities, recreation areas Telangana Forest Dept Warangal A, E 16- 50.00 Preliminary Wks
A few more buildings while associated with other organisations (eg: SBI RD with Prasad Constn,CTE – Indian Airlines etc etc)
  #04. Residential  Projects
Residence Dr.Purushottam Bangalore  A,S
Housing project Nagarjuna Group Hyderabad Prel wk(emp)
Housing Project Arabian Constn Co Salalah(Oman) prel /emp 82-83 1000.00 part of work
Apts, Housing colonies Banjara Constn Co Hyd/Secbad    PC 83
Residence Sampath Hyderabad A,PM,S 84
Residence Smt Kiran Reddy Hyderabad C,S 84-86
Residence Smt Vasumati Hyderabad C, S 86-89
Residence Sri.Narasimha Rao Hyderabad C,S 87-88
Residence Mr Anil Reddy Others Hyderabad C,S 86-87
Residence Mr. Jitender Reddy Hyderabad C,S, A 86-88
Residence B.Ramagopal Sec’bad A,I, PC,S 87-89 12.00
 Residence C. Vyas Secbad  I 89-91
Apartment/group Adarsh Housing Bangalore  A 91 120.00 work on hold
Apartments V.Ramakrishna Rao,others Sec’bad A,S, PC 92- 16.00
Residence Dr.M.Indra Shekhar Rao Sec’bad A, C, I,PC 93, 09
Residence Prabhakar Rao Sec’bad A,S 91-93
Residence Dr.Nagaraj Desai Bangalore A, S 93-
Residence Dr. N.Jayaram Bangalore A, S 94-95
Residence Dr.Jyoti Prakash Sec’bad A,PC,S 94
Residence Sri Pattabhi Raman Sec’bad A, PC, S 2K-01
Residence Mr Prabhakar Hyderabad A,S 03_04 40.00
Residence Mr Sampath Hyderabad A 2003_4
Residence Mr D V Manohar Hyderabad PMC 07-
Cottages, Resort Countrywide Realtors Hyderabad Arch 08-09 Concepts
Villas (2 Nos) Desai Brothers Hyderabad A, TC 08_09
Villas, Hotel, Mall etc Mr Anil Kumar D Hyderabad A, S, PM 09- 600 villas (hold)
Residence Mr Niranjan Bidar A, S, PM 10- Prel
Apartment Ms Shrikanth Hyderabad I 11-13 completed
Apartment Mr Sethuram Hyderabad I 11-13 completed
Apartment Dr Jayaram Bangalore I 11-12
Bungalow Mr Sethuram Bangalore A, S 12- Prel stage
Bungalow Mr Ravi Bangalore A,S 12- Prel stage
Bungalow Mrs Padma Priya Hyderabad A, S 12 – Concepts
1st floor Mrs Havovi Patel Hyderabad A, S 12-13 20.00 completed
Bungalow Mr Vijay & Mrs Ushnal Secunderabad A, E, I 13- 80.00 In progress
Additions, alterations Dr Diana Secunderabad A, E, I 14 – 40.00 completed
  #05. Industrial Projects
TL Proj, Press Divn Nagarjuna Group Hyderabad emp/PE
& etc for HMT Ltd 79-80 55.00
Deccan Cements Nagarjuna Group Miriyalguda emp/PE 80-81 600.00
Nagarjuna Coated Tubes Ltd Nagarjuna Group Isnapur(AP)   emp/PE 81-82 600.00
Allwyn Watch Ltd Prasad Constn Patancheru emp/PE 84-85 part work
HOC Ltd Prasad Constn Sangareddy emp/PE 84-85 part work
Factory Bldgs Engine Valves Ltd Medchal A,S,PC, 85-86 6.00
Factory Bldgs Suman Met&Chem Ind Guntakal S, C 87-88 3.00 part of work
Factory &Canteen Engine Valves Ltd Medchal A,S,PC 87-88 45.00
Bus Body Factory Viswajit Engg Works Hyderabad A,S 90-91 25.00
Factory & others Voith India P Ltd Hyderabad C,S,PC, 91 6.00
Watch Case Factory Divya Watchcase Tumkur A,S 90- 15.00
Factory Solvo-Sol Paints Hyderabad A,S, C 93-95
Factory,Admn & Canteen Voith India P Ltd Hyderabad A,S, 97-99 150.00
Factory SGP /Brinjrajka Steel Hyderabad C,S,PC, 97-98 part work
Factory Complex Flic Microwave Ltd Hyderabad A,S,PC 01- 135.00 on hold
Foundry shop Extn, etc Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A,S,PC 03_04 40.00
Misc Buildings Voith Turbo P Ltd Hyderabad A, C 02_03
Factory Expansion Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A, S 2005 50.00
Factory Mr Kulkarni Hyderabad A, S 2005
New Expansion works Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A,S, PM 2007-08 100.00 completed
Factory Building Sandep Steels Hyderabad A, S, PM 2007-08 200.00 completed
Rail Bldg & Paint shop Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A,S, PM 2008-09 200.00 completed
Factory Building Vega Process Equipments / GE Transportation Hyderabad A,S, PM 2009 – 11 100.00 Completed
Factory Bldg-documentation, advisory GE Transportation Division –do—
Upgradation of old buildings Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad A, S, services 2010-11 Completed
Additions, Alterations Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd Hyderabad S 2015- Under progress
Expansion Works Excel Craft Machineries Hyderabad A, S, PM 2015- 500.00 Preliminary wks
  # 06. Public and Other buildings
Santosh KN Srinivasan & Assoc Bangalore emp/PE 72
Sree Satyam Santam Subham (4in1) KN Srinivasan & Assoc Madras emp/PE 72-76 100.00
Theatre Harinath Rao Ghatkesar C, S 91 struct design
Srimad Andavan Ashramam/Mahalaksmi Temple (Extn) Sec’bad A,S,PM 97-98 50.00
Tirandaz Theatre(Misc Wk) Mr Ramoo Sirpur K’nagar A,S,PM 01_02 10.00
Meditation Centre Guru Nilayam Sec’bad A,S,PM 01- 100.00 Concept stage
Prayer Hall, Spiritual complex Srimad Andavan Ashramam Khapra (Secbad) A,S,PM 03_04 50.00
Auditorium, Food Court, Aquarium etc Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad A, I 12-13 completed
Ghariyal, Iguana & Reptile enclosures, Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad A 12-13 completed
Golden Jubilee Pylon Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad A, E 13 Completed
Entrance & other designs MV National Park Hyderabad A 15 Work to start
Toilet block & other works KBR National Park Hyderabad A 15
Clinic and other works Blue Cross of Hyderabad Hyderabad A 15
Entrance Ways etc AP Forest Dept A 15 Concept stage
Cottages, dining Hall etc St Joseph’s Society Hyderabad A, E 16- 100.00 Preliminary Wks
# 07. VALUATION (types of assignments)
Five Star Hotel (Land, Bldg, P &M)
Theatre (Land, Bldg, P &M)
Major Factories for MNC /US Govt Agency (Land & Bldg, P & M)
Industries Major / medium / small – Land, Bldg, P & M
:General Engineering, Heavy Engg, Chemical, Tyre Mfg, Pharma, Food, Textile, Electrical, Poultry, Dairy, LPG, Paper
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Barsyl Towers, Plot No 3, Sitaram Nagar Staff Road Secunderabad 500009, India 1.14 km
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