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Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) is the apex body of Consulting Engineers in India. CEAI represents the Indian Engineering Consultancy professional at the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).DSC_2247

By virtue of amalgamation of the two erstwhile professional bodies of consulting engineers, Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) and National Association of Consulting Engineers (NACE) in to CEAI in the year 1996, CEAI has, behind it, over 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience.  CEAI Membership comprises of practicing consultants, private and public sector firms engaged in the entire range of engineering consultancy services.  CEAI looks after the interests and enhances the status of consulting engineering profession in India and is equally concerned with quality development, productivity enhancement and promotion of ethical practices.  CEAI has established linkages and strong bonds with its counter parts in various countries and is a staunch advocate of global networking and co-operation.


  • Promote professional interest and establish rights and privileges of the consulting engineering profession in India.
  • Represent the consulting engineering profession within India and abroad.
  • Connect the members locally and globally.
  • Disseminate among the members information on all matters pertaining to engineering, especially knowledge and information related to consulting engineering profession.
  • Act as the principal champion for consulting engineering profession through constantly informing and educating the public and lawmakers about key engineering issues and making it possible to have the voice of the profession heard by the policy makers.
  • Promote adoption of equitable forms of contracts and other documents used in consulting engineering practice.
  • Encourage settlement of disputes by conciliation, mediation or arbitration.


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